Water baptism allows new believers the opportunity to show the world their faith and follow the example of Jesus by being baptized in water.

The purpose of THE ASCENT is to see every believer reach the summit in the call of God at Church on the Rock. To help you get there, we have developed five base camps to equip you for the journey that lies ahead. THE ASCENT provides training and opportunities for membership, maturity and ministry, intentional disciple making, and leading others into mission. You will discover your spiritual gifts, strengths, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for daily living, and learn new habits for effective growth and ministry. As you gear up for the climb, you will be equipped with the tools, values and mission that the Christ-follower needs to live every day with passion, purpose and freedom.

Base Camp 101 — “Joining the Climb”: Membership                                                                                                       

Ascend with us! Your first step after repentance, faith in Christ, and water baptism is to be committed to a local fellowship. While the importance of these topics will be traversed, we will also cover the doctrine, values, and vision of Church on the Rock. This is your opportunity to discover the joy of membership and covenant to the people and purposes of this church. After you complete the requirements for membership, there are many serving opportunities awaiting you.

Base Camp 102 — “Training for the Climb”: Maturity                                  

For those committed to climbing higher into God’s purposes, it’s not enough to just show up with your gear and guidebook. You’ve also got to be spiritually prepared to go the distance.

So if you’re planning to take on a peak, you’ll want to spend an appropriate amount of time and energy on getting your spiritual life ready for the demands that climbing puts on you. With that in mind, in this Base Camp, you will learn habits necessary for spiritual growth, and you will discover the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that enables you to live a victorious life in Christ. Prerequisite: completion of Base Camp 101.

Base Camp 103 — “Gearing up for the Climb”: Ministry

Having basic training and the right gear is crucial for your development in ministry. In this Base Camp, you will be outfitted with Vision, Servant Leadership, the Will of God, Understanding Your Strengths, Motivational and Spiritual Gifts, and Activating Your Passion and Purpose. When you complete this time of training and equipping, many trails of ministry and leadership open up for you to ascend. Prerequisite: completion of Base Camp 101 and preferably Base Camp 102.

Base Camp 104 — “Partnering for the Climb”: Making Disciples                                            

The Ascent was never meant to be undertaken by yourself. An integral part of being a disciple is bringing others along for the climb! Base Camp 104 provides the tools and teaching needed for every believer to take ownership of the mission to “go into all the world and make disciples”. Prerequisite: completion of Base Camp 101 and preferably Base Camps 102 and 103.

Base Camp 105 — “Lead Guide Training”: Mission                                            

“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

Lead guides are people who have learned that the many blessings of our life in Christ are always multiplied when shared! Here at Church on the Rock, Life Groups are a core element of our ministry strategy. Life Groups connect people to God, each other, and the community around us. Base Camp 105 is a training time to equip committed believers to be Life Group Lead Guides, and answer the call to make disciples intentionally and to give away what’s inside of them. Prerequisite: completion of Base Camp 101 and preferably Base Camps 102, 103 and 104.